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Prof. Arata TSUKAMOTO,
College of Sci. & Tech.
Nihon University


CST Hall is on 6F in bldg No. 1 Campus map

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11Nov. 2016

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The aim and scope

 The international workshop on novel photo-induced phenomena and applications is proposed by ALMIRU (Advanced Light Matter Interaction Research Unit). ALMIRU is organized in Nihon University for multidisciplinary project based on MEXT-Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities.
 The aim of the workshop is to provide an international forum for discussions and education of interdisciplinary issues on Light Matter Interaction: photo induced phenomena and applications include ultrafast spin dynamics, prasmonics, energy transfer etc. We are hoping to be participate scientist, researchers and students.


Keynote Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Theo Rasing   Radboud Univ. Nijmegen

      from fundamentals to nanoscale engineering


Invited Speakers

1. Davide Bossini .........Univ. of Tokyo
2. Joseph Barker ..........IMR Tohoku Univ.
3. Takuya Satoh ...........Kyushu Univ.
4. Yusuke Hashimoto ..AIMR Tohoku Univ.
5. Takeshi Kato ...........Nagoya Univ.
6. Tetsu Tatsuma .........Univ. of Tokyo


ALMIRU Speakers (Nihon Univ.)

1. Arata Tsukamoto
2. Joe Otsuki
3. Katsuji Nakagawa
4. Shinichiro Ohnuki


Poster Presentations

Contributed & ALMIRU